A Touch Of Marvellous Marble

For hundreds of years, marble has exuded luxury and sophistication.

This can be seen with the iconic Taj Mahal in India and beautiful Italian sculptures by Michelangelo using this impressive natural material.

The love of marble has been reignited over the past few years and is being incorporated into homes and public spaces in new and exciting ways. Traditionally, marble would be used in grand, classically styled spaces with plush interiors. However, the marble design is now also being blended with other popular styles such as minimalist industrial or mixing with wood tones, as with the Versace tiles below.

emc tiles versace marble eterno wall and floor tiles

As a natural stone, marble can require lots of maintenance due to it being porous and can stain quite easily. In addition to this, natural marble is also very expensive.

So you love the elegant aesthetic of marble, but you don’t want the huge costs and upkeep to go with it? That’s where marble effect tiles come in.

There are many variations of marble styles, with some more bold and dramatic than others. Stunningly realistic marble textures and veins are available in a range of colours and tones to suit any style. ‘The Room’ for example, is available in different colours, each with their own interesting and unique characteristics.

emc tiles the room floor and wall marble tiles

If it’s the classic white marble look you prefer (such as ‘Precious‘ below), you can rest assured that when using this in the bathroom or kitchen, your beautiful marble effect tiles will not stain. It is also much more durable and less likely to scratch, so is a perfect alternative to natural marble.

emc tiles precious love tiles marble effect floor and wall tiles

Using large format wall and floor tiles will also minimise the number of grout lines, giving a more seamless look. This can also really open up spaces and allows the intricate marble detail to look even more striking.

Whether it’s a classic aesthetic you’re looking for, or a modern take with an industrial approach, like this ‘Muse‘ collection, marble is a versatile style, with the added bonus of the natural element.

emc tiles marble effect floor and wall tiles imola ceramica muse

As marble designs work well with many colour schemes, it is very adaptable when looking to update your space. For example, simply by changing soft furnishings such as bath towels, adding plants and changing the lighting, your space could be transformed.

Want to see more? Browse a selection of our beautiful marble collections here, or visit one of our showrooms.

emc tiles marble wall and floor tiles porcelain ceramics

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