Bring Your Home To Life With Patterned Tiles

emc tiles wall and floor tiles souk crackle plain pattern

Whether you have already embraced patterns and vivid colours into you home, or you’ve just been admiring the many choices in pattern tiles from a distance, we’ll take you through a few options you’ll love.

Take this Souk range above, for instance. Deep, luscious colours, with a mix of plain and patterned tiles with square and hexagon options, instantly draws your eye. Pattern tiles, essentially, can be thought of as artwork, and a way to express your own personality.

emc tiles pattern tiles floor and wall bathroom kitchen hallway flooring Why not experiment with zoning areas? Creating zoned areas are a great way to differentiate between spaces, for example, you could use patterned tiles as a rug underneath kitchen table, a striking hallway entrance or an elegant shower feature wall.  However, this technique can also be used to connect spaces, such as using left over hallway tiles to tile a disused fireplace.

The Art Deco movement has also seen a return within the interior design world. Inspired by the glamour and luxury of the 1920’s, the Swing collection is a modern take on this with retro geometric colours and patterns.

Textured tiles have really come into their own lately, with advanced technology allowing for many beautiful 3D patterns. When light casts across textured tiles, such as with Stream from Edimax, it adds playful character and movement to the space.

emc tiles patterned tiles 3d textured beige grey wall tile


emc tiles patterned tiles geometric square wall tile

Pantone’s colour of the year 2020 is named Classic Blue. The Let It Bee range, offer both the calming and luxurious blue tones, with subtle patterns which can be mixed amongst plain tiles.

emc tiles patterned tiles classic blue metro wall tile

When considering patterned tile ideas for renovating your home, it’s important to choose the right style to compliment your home. For example, is your home style Victorian, modern, country rustic, contemporary? Do you have architectural detail you wish to highlight?

Feeling inspired? Browse our patterned tiles to find your dream look!


emc tiles patterned geometrics floor and wall

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