Getting the Urban Look with Concrete Effect Tiles

emc tiles azuma concrete cement wall and floor tiles

Concrete effect tiles are an ideal style for creating the minimalist, industrial look.

This style can often be seen in bathrooms or kitchens. In these spaces, the design can also incorporate aesthetics of other raw material too, such as copper pipes, wood or exposed brickwork (which can also be achieved by using tiles, as shown below with the ‘London’ brick tile).

For big open plan spaces, large format tiles, such as Azuma, which is available in sizes up to 120x120cm, are perfect for this. Using large tiles reduces the amount of grout lines, creating a more realistic and continuous surface, as real concrete would be.

Realistic colour variations and weathered textures are also available with cement effect tiles, similar to those of stone effect tiles, like this Stones collection from Edimax.

Concrete tiles work particularly well if you are considering extending your indoor design to the outdoors. Outdoor-indoor living has become hugely popular over the last few years, and allows for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. Many floor tiles are now available in 2cm thickness with anti-slip properties, and can be great when used on patios, driveways and outdoor public spaces.

Even if you find a complete concrete, industrial look a bit too much for your taste, they could still be a great option for you. The style provides a great base for other colour schemes and styles. For example, grey cement tiles can remain on trend, but other design elements can be easier, and cheaper, to change. For example, mixing up soft furnishings like throws, cushions and towels, or replacing lighting, can also make a huge difference to the room style and mood.

Combining concrete wall and floor tiles with mosaic or patterned tiles is also a fantastic way to break up the solid colour, and create fun features, or zoned areas.

To find out more about the many concrete effect tiles we can offer, get in touch! We have showrooms in Nottingham, Leicester, Loughborough and Derby.

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