Have You Considered Underfloor Heating?

For many home improvement projects, the desire for underfloor heating (UFH) is rapidly growing within the UK.

Particularly when it’s not just the leaves dropping anymore, it’s the temperature too, and your attention turns to needing to keep warm. Could investing in underfloor heating be just what you need in your home?

Installing UFH doesn’t necessarily mean that your traditional radiators will be redundant. They can still work well together, but with the UFH providing extra benefits, such as taking the chill off the tiled surface.

You can of course, solely use the UFH. Removing the unused radiators would then give you more space, which can be hugely valuable in some properties.

There are many benefits to using electric UFH in your home, which we’ll highlight below.

It’s energy efficient

UFH heats the floor directly, retaining the heat much better than regular radiators. It also distributes the heat evenly and allows you to maintain a comfortable level of heat.

An added bonus of using UFH with ceramic and porcelain tiled floors, is that they have a high level of thermal conductivity. This means therefore, that the floor will generally heat up faster and retain the heat for longer than with most other surfaces.

It is advised that your test the overall effectiveness of your home insulation before installing UFH. This way you ensure that you will be getting the optimal performance of your heating, and the heat will not just escape the house. Products such as DeltaBoard, from PCS, also enhance the performance on the UFH, as it significantly reduces downward heat loss.

It’s hygienic

By removing the cold and dampness which can occur at ground level, it makes it more difficult for dust mites and other little critters to live and breed in a warm, dry environment. This is particularly helpful in bathrooms which can often remain damp from baths & showers for some time.

UFH also doesn’t circulate airborne dust like traditional radiators do, meaning it’s better for those who suffer with allergies.

More control

The ability to have control over the temperature in each individual room is beneficial in many ways. Heating only the rooms which need it, means that you’re not wasting energy, or money.


Using the thermostat timer ensures that the floor can be heated ready for when you need it. The system will learn how long it takes to heat the floor to the desired temperature. This way it will be warm for when you need it most.

Flexible scheduling features give you control over the heating with programmable times and days, along with the capability of manual and wireless control, with apps and smart devices such as Alexa.

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You can also find more details on UFH, and the options available to you, directly through on Amber Underfloor Heating and Devi by Danfoss.

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