Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty Points Scheme Rules:

The East Midlands Ceramics Ltd Loyalty Points Scheme { “the scheme” } is a points based customer loyalty programme open to customers buying products from emctiles and meeting the eligibility criteria of the scheme.

The scheme is owned by East Midlands Ceramics Ltd Company registered in England under Number 1435173.We also trade under the name of  emctiles

VAT Registration number is 927254906.

Registered Office & Mailing address: East Midlands Ceramics Ltd, Southglade Business Park, Hucknall Road, Nottingham NG5 9RA.

Telephone number 0115 9770155.E-mail: info@emctiles.co.uk

These rules together with the Company terms and conditions govern the collection and use of electronic points issued under the scheme. To participate in the scheme you must comply with these Rules, which should be read carefully.


  • To be eligible to join the scheme the customer must be registered on the emctiles Database as a Trade customer and have either a Trade Cash Sales account or a Trade Credit account.
  • We also require an accurate e-mail address for the Trade customer.
  • The account code for the customer will also be the account code for the loyalty points scheme.
  • The customer must have an address on the UK Mainland.
  • The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept a customer onto the loyalty points scheme at its own discretion.

Collecting Reward Points

  • To be able to start collecting points under the scheme the customer must first have been accepted onto the scheme by emctiles.
  • Each customer accepted will be issued with a  Loyalty Points card showing their account number.
  • emctiles will maintain the Loyalty points details on their database. The Company may send you details of the number of loyalty points you have accumulated from time to time.
  • Points are earned each time the customer purchases goods from emctiles and an invoice is created. The number of points is based on the amount of the invoice including VAT. Therefore for goods purchased totalling £100+VAT { 20% } then the number of points earned would be 120.
  • Loyalty points are lost when a credit note is provided against goods already purchased.
  • emctiles may from time to time advertise special offers  so that additional Loyalty points can be earned.
  • The Customer referral scheme is now also linked to the loyalty points scheme and additional points can be earned through this, See Rules of the scheme for full details.
  • The Company will correct any mistakes made in respect of the number of Loyalty points earned but recommends that you keep records of the transactions so that you can check whether the information held is accurate.

Redeeming Loyalty Points

  • Reward points will be redeemed in the order they were accrued.
  • Reward points must be redeemed within 24 months of the date they were created. Any points not redeemed within this timescale will be forfeited.
  • Reward points can be redeemed when goods have been purchased from emctiles and an invoice is being paid for. Effectively the loyalty points are another form of payment.
  • For an account customer they must request points to be redeemed against their credit account and a suitable credit will then be issued. Please contact Accounts department to arrange this
    Redeemed loyalty points cannot be used again.
  • Loyalty points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • If you decide to withdraw from the scheme you must contact emctiles and formally request closure at which point the points accumulated can be used against products purchased from emctiles.
  • In the event that emctiles decides to close the scheme then 6 months’ notice will be given to customers using the scheme to provide sufficient time for the accumulated points to be redeemed.


  • emctiles may change the rules of the scheme at their absolute discretion with any changes published on the Company Web Site
  • emctiles are not liable for any tax liability that may arise from you taking part in scheme
  • The scheme is a standalone scheme and these rules should be read in conjunction with the Company sale Terms and conditions
  • These rules are governed by the laws of England.