Outdoor-Indoor Living: 4 Ways to Install Outdoor Tiles

Dry Installation on Gravel


Benefits of this method are that as the slabs are not fixed, they can easily be moved around at a later point should you change your mind on the design. Installing on gravel also provides great water drainage, making 20mm vitrified tiles a great addition to your garden patio.

outdoor tiles emc tiles, 20mm outdoor slabs

Dry Installation on Grass


Installing onto a grass lawn is similar to dry laying the tile onto gravel, boasting the same benefits. Once the grass surface has been removed to accommodate the tile, a layer of sand or gravel is placed on the ground to allow for water drainage.


The tile can then be placed on top, ensuring that the level of the grass is higher than the tile, preventing contact with lawnmowers etc on the edges.

outdoor tiles emc tiles, 20mm outdoor slabs dry lay on grass

Installation with Adhesive


A more suitable option if you’re looking to use the tiles on a driveway, or where there is a heavier footfall. Using adhesive to set the tiles gives a higher resistance to strain.


A huge range of adhesive products are available from Tilemaster Adhesives, these can also be purchased on the EMC Tiles website, here!

outdoor tiles emc tiles, 20mm outdoor slabs

Raised Installation


Raising the vitrified tiles onto pedestals is ideal if you’re wanting to hide pipes and cables, out of sight as to not ruin the look of your new outside space. This technique can also help to compensate for slight unevenness of the surface, as the height of each plastic pedestal can be adjusted to suit.

outdoor tiles emc tiles, 20mm outdoor slabs pedestals

Installation is subject to the tile being used. For example, not all outdoor 20mm tiles can be installed by using all these applications, and some tiles may need more preparation than others before laying.


Why not come and see us at one of our award-winning showrooms for help and advice on choosing the right tiles to suit your needs. Find your nearest showroom.

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