Outdoor-Indoor Living

What is outdoor-indoor living?

Outdoor-indoor living references the ability to extend your living space with your garden in a seamless manner. Connecting spaces using smart flooring choices, with bi-fold or sliding doors, gives an open plan feel and can enhance the flow of your home or public area.

Rondine Ceramica: Ardesie

A great way to achieve the outdoor-indoor living aesthetic, is by using tiles. There is a huge selection of tiles, which allow you to co-ordinate the style of indoor standard thickness ceramic tiles, with 20mm vitrified slabs, giving a seamless look from inside to outside.

Some examples of tile ranges we can offer at EMC Tiles, with co-ordinating indoor and outdoor tiles are:

Rondine Ceramica



When comparing to indoor ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles are much stronger, they absorb less water and are usually longer lasting, with abrasion and stain resistance.

Outdoor tiles also have a higher anti-slip rating, of R11, meaning you’ll be safe in wet weather.

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