Outdoor Vitrified Slab Tiles

From Margres Tiles - Slabstone highlights the new thickness now available in 20mm outdoor vitrified slab tiles. This type of porcelain material is ideal for use in gardens, parks, terraces, balconies – and in high-traffic public spaces.

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These 2cm porcelain outdoor vitrified slab tiles can be used on gravel, grass and raised areas, in a fast and functional way, being highly resistant and easily removable or re-position-able without the need for cement-based adhesives.
It brings great advantages when used on uneven surfaces, since it solves surface flatness problems.
It can also be used traditionally with cement-based adhesive for a pavement with extremely high mechanical strength.

What is outdoor-indoor living?

Outdoor-Indoor Living

vitrified slabs
Ground Grey 20mm - Love Tiles

Dry Lay Tiles

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Canyon Sand 20mm - Love Tiles

Instant Paths...

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Subway Ash 20mm - Margres

Balconies not an issue...

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Tool Grey 2cm - Margres

Garden Dreams

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