Tile Trends 2020

As the beginning of a new year approaches, many people look to freshen up their homes and think about home renovation projects to complete throughout the year.

Here we’ll give you an overview of some tile trends for 2020, for you to consider in your own projects.

Vertical Layouts

Metro brick wall tiles continue to be a kitchen and bathroom favourite, but with new twists in the way they are fixed. Of course, there is the classic brick bond style and herringbone pattern, but laying the tiles vertically is also becoming more popular, as shown below with Slash. Using metro tiles in this way provides a fresh take on this classic style and can also create the illusion of a higher ceiling, which is most useful in smaller rooms.

Slash metro tiles from Imola at EMC Tiles vertical layout


As technology advances further, more realistic detail and tones are being used in marble effect tiles, which are particularly stunning with large format tiles, such as The Room. Large format tiles need less grout lines, allowing you to enjoy more of the beautiful marble effect, uninterrupted.

The Room marble large format tiles from Imola at EMC Tiles

Tile Technology

Also, with new technology also comes new and improved 3D textured tiles, such as the new Stream range, giving a realistic feel to the tiles.

Stream textured 3d technology wall tiles at EMC Tiles

Playful Geometrics and Bright Colours

The new Let It Bee range allows you to go bold with its exciting colours and patterns. These are perfect to brighten up your kitchen with a new splashback, or liven up a small bathroom.

Let it bee patterned and plain wall tiles at EMC Tiles from Imola

The Country Patchwork also gives a fun and unique look, adding bursts of colour and geometric patterns.

Country patchwork wall tiles patterns and metro plain wall tiles at EMC Tiles

More Spacious

Create the effect of a larger bathroom by extending the floor tiles up the wall. With no obvious separation between the wall and floor, the room will appear larger. This works particularly well with minimalist styles using concrete or stone effect tiles, like Gentle Stone.

Gentle stone wall and floor tiles stone and concrete effect tiles for bathroom and kitchen

From Interior to Exterior

It’s not just indoors to consider when renovating. Outdoor tiles are now much more prominent in the tiling industry and provide an excellent alternative to decking and paving for gardens, patios and driveways.

emc tiles rondine greenwood wood effect tile outdoor

With many different styles available, outdoor tiles have a 20mm thickness to ensure durability and anti-slip properties. Lots of indoor styles are also available as an outdoor tile too, like this Greenwood range, which means that you can create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.


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